Soul Motif 

My favourite shape is the boteh/paisley symbol also known as the soul motif ~ it is a symbol of life and eternal devotion. This week I am piercing out tiny versions of this beautiful shape to include in a new range I’m working on 


Mermaid pendants

We’re midway through winter here in Cape Town and the weather is rainy and grey this afternoon but things are feeling bright and cheery in the workshop. I have just finished up these new pendants ~ carnelian, chalcedony, lapis lazuli, citrine, grey and peach moonstone and smokey quartz set in sterling silver ✨

…The Ring Thing…

I am thrilled to be a part of the Ring Thing Exhibition hosted by Precious Obsession. The show opens tonight at 6pm at the Bello Studio in the Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town. 

There will be many beautiful rings on display by some fantastic designers. The exhibition runs alongside a pop-up-shop showcasing local design from different sectors (not just jewellery) so it is definitely worth a visit. 

I am exhibiting two rings titled, “my moon, and all my stars” in sterling silver, 9CT gold and moonstone. 

For more information please contact me on 

…Happy New Year…

Freshly smelted sterling silver and fiery fynbos on the bench today…I’m back in the workshop and ready for 2016.
I’m looking forward to creating some new designs and taking on commissions!
For enquiries and orders you can contact me on

Happy 2016!



…”Creativity requires the bravery to adore solitude and savour silence. Your best ideas come when you’re away from the noise of a complex world.” ~ Robin Sharma…
Smelting sterling silver in the workshop today – getting ready for new ideas and inspiration for 2016!


…gem drops…

…it’s always great to receive photos from clients and friends wearing their Resonate by amy jewellery pieces…


Saskia is wearing the limited edition lemon quartz gem drop earrings and they look so pretty on!


There are only two pairs of gem drop earrings left!!! Citrine and carnelian – the gemstone sits against the earlobe while the sterling silver pin hangs behind the ear.
To buy one or both of the remaining pairs email
each pair costs R450 (free delivery within SA)…

…did you know…

…each piece of Resonate by amy jewellery is carefully placed in a handmade fabric bag which is then placed in a pretty envelope box…because whether you are buying a piece for someone else or for yourself receiving jewellery should always feel like receiving a gift…