…The Lines of Memory…Part 2…

For the Ruth Prowse School of Art Alumni exhibition, I was invited to create one piece that tied in with the theme – “The Lines of Memory”.

I decided to make a necklace using sterling silver, 9 carat gold, freshwater pearls and moonstone beads. My piece is inspired by the myth known as “Alchera”. Alchera or ‘Dreamtime’ was the primeval time when the ancestors sang the world into existence and created thousands of men out of earth, one for each totemic species.
As each ancestor travelled about the land, he left a trail of words and musical notes in his footsteps. These “dreaming lines” or “song lines” became and remain, lines of communication between people joined together by ancient kinship.

Here are some photos of my piece in progress…



To see the completed piece you’ll need to visit the exhibition (all the details are in my previous post)…but in the meantime here are a couple of close ups of my finished piece…




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