…Something Old…Something New…

The latest commission to leave the workshop was a treat to make! My client had a beautiful jade earring set in gold…a gift given to her by her husband to celebrate an anniversary…Unfortunately she only wore the earrings once before she lost one of them! The lone earring had great sentimental value to my client and seeing as she is not one for wearing mismatched earrings we decided to create a ring that she could wear, along with some stacking rings that she had commissioned in England a few years ago. This was the final result…


There was some gold left from the earring wire as well as the earring butterflies so I created a another stacking ring to go with the jade…


The two rings look really sweet together…and they go really well with her other stacking rings…


It was really fun to give new life to a piece of jewellery that would have otherwise been left, unworn in a jewellery box.


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