…Vaycay Time…

Today I am a very, very lucky jewellery-making being! At 17:45 I will be boarding a plane and heading off on holiday (my first proper holiday in six years!). I arrive in Edinburgh tomorrow and will stay in Scotland for a couple of days before heading off to Sweden for a week and then I will spend the rest of August in Scotland…I told you I was lucky! I cannot wait to see my family and friends as well as the beauty of their hometowns.

Some of the views I look forward to enjoying…

11028661 edinburgh-city Edinburgh

stockholmpanorama Stockholm

While I am away I will be available (at times) on email so any new orders can be placed in the meantime and I will get to them early in September. If I have the chance I will share photos and such on my blog and on my facebook page (Resonatebyamy).

I cannot wait to fill my visual diary with new thoughts and inspiration that I can translate into new jewellery designs and projects when I return!


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