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I recently became a member of the Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI). The CCDI was launched in 2001 with the intention of providing support to craftspeople and designer-makers within the Western Cape. As a not-for-profit company, the CCDI , “helps to network all players in the product-to-market chain. This includes craft producers and designer-makers, retailers, marketing agents, exporters and service providers such as designers, product developers, skills trainers, business development practitioners and mentors” (www.ccdi.org.za/about-ccdi). The CCDI offers product, business and market support to its members through meetings, training sessions, learnerships and workshops.

Last week I attended my first CCDI workshop; it was a business workshop that focused on time management. This particular workshop was a half-day event that addressed the problems faced by designers, in terms of, trying to create structured working time for a career that seldom follows traditional office hours. The workshop was really informative but also enjoyable as it was interactive. The discussions during the workshop were very useful and provided me with a great opportunity to talk to other creative individuals who have similar concerns as well as different approaches to my own. It was re-affirming to realise that in many ways I am on the right track in terms of running  my new business and just to remind myself that everyday is a learning experience. And what a great experience it has been so far!!!


…my notes from the workshop…


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