…In the creative zone…

At the beginning of this year I was lucky enough to convert an old storeroom into my very own workshop.It is really wonderful to be able to work in my own creative space that I have designed to suit my working style and needs. Here is a peek into the space where my work happens…

Owl keys

My bench

I had my bench custom made by a wonderful carpenter in Muizenberg…I designed it so that it would fit the space and be the perfect height for me to work comfortably.


Hanging on the wall in front of my bench are three beautiful artworks. The illustration at the top was a graduation gift, it is a beautiful print and it also has words from my favourite Dr Seuss book…Oh, the places you’ll go! In the middle, a beautiful acrylic painting that was done by my talented grandmother, Kathleen, in Scotland. Lastly, a hand coloured etching that I received from Colleen Ross, my artist neighbour. It’s wonderful to have such beautiful work to stare at when I feel the need to daydream!


Probably my favourite piece of equipment…my roller. I felt like a serious jeweller when I invested in this one.


Soldering spot

This is where the soldering happens.

Studio wreath

Even though I find all my jewellery equipment beautiful to look, I thought it necessary to decorate…I got this wreath from my creative friend who is the owner of Pandula Studios.

Money cats

These money cats were given to me as a gift many, many years ago. Apparently they are meant to face the door in order for them to do their job, mine face the window but they look good on their shelf.

Studio Fox

And lastly, what would a workshop be without a fox hanging in the window?


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