Travelling Jewellery

In my graduate year I created a ring which was inspired by the city skyline that I saw in the early mornings as I made my way to college. I recreated the skyline by piercing out the shapes of buildings in the setting of the ring and then I set a round, faceted moonstone into this setting. I received a commission to remake this ring as a gift for a couple who celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary this year. Here is the new ring which I made for Karen…


To celebrate their anniversary, Karen and Mike decided to take a three week holiday to Iceland (apparently Karen is a fan of Icelandic crime novels). This weekend they sent me the following photograph…

Ring in Iceland

Karen’s  moonstone ring chilling in Jokullsarlon, Iceland! I loved receiving this beautiful picture as it makes me happy to know that the jewellery I make gets to go on such amazing journeys around the world.


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